2021 Schedule FOR Milwaukee Region SCCA

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2022 Road Rally Calendar

First, Milwaukee region will be hosting a total of 7 events in 2022.  There are possibilities that another 1-2 will be added during the year.


Milwaukee Region SCCA

2022 Proposed Road Rally Schedule

Full SCCA Calendar Below


April 3

Spring Scamper

Charity Tour

Verona, WI

The Milwaukee Region of Sports Car Club of America invites you to join us on Sunday April 3, 2022 in Madison, Wisconsin for the Spring Scamper car rally.  This 120 mile, 5 hour Tour type rally (no traps) will take you and your rally partner (driver and navigator) on a scenic adventure through the rural countryside roads south of Madison.  You'll have lunch in New Glarus (home to Spotted Cow) and then an afternoon break in Monroe, WI.  The rally course features new roads that haven't been used on any previous rallies.  A flyer with more info is attached.   We'll be using the Richta GPS Checkpoint app for timing and scoring.  This app will run on your smartphone (it's required that you bring one) and will announce your score immediately at each checkpoint.  You can use this instant feedback to learn how to improve your scores as the rally progresses.   This year's Spring Scamper will be a charity event for the Dane County Humane Society.  Your entry fee will help this wonderful organization continue to find "furever" homes for hundreds of pets every year.  Here's a link to their website where you can see the list of animals that are currently available for adoption:  www.giveshelter.org.   Registration for Spring Scamper is now open online at msreg.com/DCHS.. You do not need to be a member of SCCA to run.  Any street legal car is eligible.  The cost is $20/person ($40/car).   All you need is a smartphone and a rally partner.  Bring that car you love to drive and join us on April 3rd to enjoy the fun country roads of Wisconsin.


May 14

Badger Burrow

Divisional Tour

Arena, WI


June 4

Roads Scholar

National Course

Middleton WI

   Registration is now open for the Roads Scholar National Course Rally (Saturday, June 4, 2022) and the Roads Scamper National Tour Rally (Sunday, June 5, 2022).  Both events start in Middleton, Wisconsin, a suburb of Madison, and are hosted by the Milwaukee Region of SCCA.   Roads Scholar will be a trap rally that will challenge your ability to determine the Main Road and to follow precise route instructions.  There are some unpaved roads on the rally route.     Roads Scamper is a tour type (no tricks, no traps) rally with no unpaved roads.  Just easy to follow route instructions and approximately 100 timing controls, some in challenging locations.    Both events will feature the beautiful scenery and the fun-to-drive roads of the Wisconsin countryside. Both events will use the Richta GPS Checkpoint app system for timing and scoring.  All teams will be required to bring a smartphone with cellular data service.   As an added incentive to register early, we have been granted a sanction exception to allow registered contestants to choose their car number if they wish.  Trophies will be awarded to both driver and navigator of the teams with the best (lowest) scores.    The headquarters hotel is the Country Inn and Suites in Middleton.  We have a discounted group rate of $75/night plus tax. Friday night check-in hospitality at the hotel will feature snacks, soda, beer and wine.   You can register either by mail using the entry form on the attached flyer, or online at msreg.com.  We would love to have you join us for this delightful summer rally weekend in Wisconsin.  

    Chairman and Rallymaster for both events: Jim Crittenden 970-261-2144 james.a.crittenden@gmail.com

    Headquarters hotel: Country Inn and Suites, 2212 Deming Way, Middleton, WI. (608-831-6970) A block of rooms with 2 queen beds will be held until May 14th at a special rate of $75/night plus tax. Specify “SCCA Car Rally” to get this rate. A free hot breakfast buffet is included. Tentative schedule: Friday, June 3 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM: Check-in and hospitality in breakfast room at headquarters hotel. Saturday, June 4 – Roads Scholar National Course Rally 7:30 AM: Late registration by prior appointment 7:46 AM: Car #1 receives Route Instructions in breakfast room 8:31 AM: Car #1 starts rally at headquarters hotel ~ 5:30 PM: Car #1 finishes rally. Sunday, June 5 – Roads Scamper National Tour Rally 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM: Check-in for teams not running the Saturday rally 8:01 AM: Car #1 receives Route Instructions in breakfast room 8:31 AM: Car #1 starts rally at headquarters hotel ~ 3:45 PM: Car #1 finishes rally at the Dorf Haus Restaurant, Roxbury, WI 
Link opens 2/1

June 5

Roads Scamper

National Tour

Middleton WI

Link opens 7/1

Sept 17


National Course

Richland Center WI

Link opens 6/1

Sept 18

Badger Coulees

National Tour

Richland Center WI

Link opens 7/1

Oct 22

Kettle Moraine Colors

Divisional Tour

Delafield WI

Link opens 8/1


Regional Championship

The next announcement is that we will be hosting these events as part of a regional championship series.  Trophies will be awarded to the best overall finishes in class.  We will allow contestants to discard 2 results, so currently we would count the best 5 finishes in 7 events.  That means you could skip 2 events and still win.  Feel free to run as many as you choose because each rally is the same events you know and love.


New Classes

SCCA has created a new competition class for rally and we will align our classes to match for the nationals and divisionals.  The new Class G is intended for apps that use GPS for measurements, such as the Richta simple rally computer.  Any app can be used, including ones you write yourself.  The restriction is that measurements must be done from a GPS device.  The new classes will be

·      E (equipped) – Anything goes

·      G (GPS) – any computer as long as mileages are pure GPS derived

·      L (limited) – any measuring device, but distances must be manually entered by the contestant.

·      S (Stock/ Seat of Pants) – Distances must be obtained from the stock odometer in stock location.  Calculators and apps are allowed as long as they use the stock odo.

·      1st Timer (local class) – We will continue to support the first timer class.  Same as S except theis is the first rally for both contestants.


Better details can be found in the 2022 road rally regulations soon to be available in the download section for roadrally at scca.com.  The RRRs are a good resource.


New Divisional Events

We would like to encourage our regulars to compete for the SCCA national rally championship.  To help with this, we are sanctioning both Badger Burrow and Kettle Moraine Colors as Divisional events.  This allows them to be counted for the championship, and with 2 nationals and 2 divisionals in the region, a competitor would do well in either G or S class for the year.  For best results, you could travel to one or two national events in Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana or St Louis.  Minimal travel for a shot at a championship seems like a good deal.  You do need to be an SCCA member to qualify for year end results.


Call for new rallymasters

One more thing.  If anyone is thinking about putting one of these together, we would love to help in any way we can.  We need to train new rallymasters, and are happy to help folks put one together, or just ride along as we prepare one of our events.  Feel free to contact any of us.

Full 2022 SCCA Road Rally Scheule