The News From The Wheels Rallye Team

2023 Kicks off with A Kind Of Easter Egg Hunt

   April 22, Saturday night.

   Winners included Edward Davis/Karen Flasch in first place overall, and Chip Kopp running solo headed up the Masters division. Everyone learned a lot of basic gimmicks and had fun.

Diner's Drive-Ins and Drives coming your way of June 17

The Famous Summer Cruise Rallye

Just to capture your taste buds and to capture a moment in time when people used to cruise the boulevard taking n the food and atmosphere of their favorite drive ins. We toss in a few gimmicks to make it competitive but it's most just a nice cruise to some great places.

   Come on out and enjoy the adventure, read more about this event by clicking the picture.

New Events New Rallymasters

New Rallymasters Emerge This Year

   Scott Lindstrom of SCORE Rallye Team will bring his own wacky sense of rallying into the Wheels Rallye Team this year with a new rallye event. Be on the lookout.

Scott has rallymastered numerous events in the past, this is the first oee in a feW years and we are all looking forward to the event.